August/September 2022


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Chimneys – Behind the magical smokescreen
Chimneys has been built in a Paul Sorensen garden, on land where the Yates family once propagated seeds and bulbs. It looks old, it’s in historic Exeter and it’s surrounded by trees dating back a century. No wonder its modern interior impressed writer Deborah McIntosh.

Sleeping beauty
A 1923 sleeper carriage that went off the rails is enjoying a new lease of life as accommodation. Find out about its former life and fabulous restoration.

The highs & lows of being a literary heavyweight
Much-awarded author, essayist and poet (and postman and prawn fisherman) David Foster mixes the lofty with the lowly in his prodigious body of work.

Enamel magnetism
Enamel artist Barbara Ryman takes Deborah McIntosh through the time-consuming art of attaching glass to metal, and explains how her unique works are turning Japanese.

How art saved the milk factory
Shirley Becke has always loved art, but she and her husband Jim had no artistic vision when they bought a run down milk factory in Bowral. She tells Melissa Reid how they transformed it into the largest commercial gallery in the Highlands.

Secret artist’s business
Tony Ameneiro is best known for his printmaking, but he has other skills less familiar to connoisseurs of his art. Peter Meredith visited him at his studio.

A moveable feast
With the Bong Bong Picnic Races almost upon us and the school holidays and Christmas break not long after, it’s time to pack the car with the food, the childen and the dog and make our way into the elements. Keep it simple, portable and delicious. Our menu can be prepared in advance. Check the list of picnic essentials and chill the drinks!

Spice it up
Today we can browse the supermarket shelves alphabetically for our favourite spices and herbs, but 500 years ago European explorers were racing across the seas in search of spice trade routes – and Christopher Columbus accidentally discovered the Americas

Meridian puts Marulan on the map
When the Meridian Cafe in Marulan was awarded best cafe restaurant in the country last year, there was one question on everyone’s lips: where is Marulan? Admittedly the awards ceremony did take place in Brisbane, but Marulan is hardly a tourist hot spot. The small town, on the Hume Highway before Goulburn, is best known for its truck weighbridge, but just a minute away is the town itself – and the Meridian Cafe is doing a nice job of making travellers take the detour.


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