August/September 2022


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Rescuing The Rift
Built in the 1890s, The Rift is one of Bowral’s major historic properties but had fallen into a sorry state before its new owners acquired it two years ago. Deborah McIntosh hears about the stunning renovation of the Italianate mansion and its coach house.

1950s on the menu at Bernie’s
Thirty-three-year-old Ioannis Benardos never knew his grandfather Emmanuel. The founder of the original Bernie’s Cafe, which opened in Argyle Street, Moss Vale, in 1927, Emmanuel (or Bernie as he was widely known) died in 1954, many years before his grandson was born. Yet Ioannis has little doubt that were his grandfather alive today, he would like what he, and business partner Giuliano Colosimo have done with the place now Bernie’s Diner in Moss Vale. 

To the ends of the earth
How does someone who once drove a pink ice-cream van in London, was a disc jockey in Spain, a scaffolder in Gibraltar and a bus conductor in Sydney get to be chief executive of a multimillion-dollar company with headquarters in the Southern Highlands? Getting answers to these questions from Norman Mackay, is a breeze. He’s an enthusiastic interviewee, a raconteur who needs no encouragement to delve into his stockpile of anecdotes. He spoke with Peter Meredith.

The bold and the beautiful
Eliza Overduin knew she’d found her calling the instant she drew her first flower in charcoal – and still can’t believe she stumbled on making art people want in their homes, writes Deborah McIntosh.

The Remarkable Mr Toohey
Hidden in the industrial section of Mittagong is the home and studio of inventor and sculptor Peter Toohey, a man who has spent his life thinking up radical ideas then trying to make them happen. This explains why there’s a half-scale Bugatti sitting in his garage.

Steaming through the Highlands
The romance of steam is alive and well. In early May the Southern Highlander powered into Bowral and Moss Vale, made a quick detour to Robertson and back, and then steamed back to Sydney as part of the 150-year celebrations marking the establishment of two of the main towns in the Southern Highlands. 

Home delivery
Jim Sell is the name behind many exclusive homes that have featured in Highlife over the years. He tells Melissa Reid about his work in the building trade over 35 years.

Heavenly spheres
From the heady, sensual perfume of the blossom, to the tart, acidic glory of the juice, citrus offers the perfect culinary and nutritional package. Recipes Editor Rosa Matto offers some seasonal delights.

Mum’s (multiple) taxis
In our crowded and competitive automotive market, there are vehicles for every niche and function, every desire and indulgence. But nobody, it seems, has ever catered to the specific needs of the motoring mother. Paul Murrell looks at what’s on offer and makes some recommendations covering children of all ages.


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