April/May 2022

Including Escape Southern Highlands


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The ultimate cliffhanger
Set in a remote location, the Seidler House is an award-winning cliffhanger, complete with drama and suspension. Deborah McIntosh asks its new owners if they’d ever change the modernist masterpiece – and why they are happy for Seidler fans to stay
the night.

Dickerson: From boxer to acclaimed artist
Once the enfant terrible of Australian art, Robert Dickerson is more at ease with himself these days and his paintings and drawings reflects this. Peter Meredith meets one of Australia’s most prolific artists.

Motorcycle masterpieces
Stored in garages throughout the Southern Highlands are some impressive private collections of classic motorcycles. Riding the bikes on country roads is just part of the appeal. The owners also admit to gaining pleasure from relaxing in their sheds and admiring these fascinating machines.  

Then and Now: Berrima
Berrima has had a double bypass. Firstly it missed out on the rail line then in 1989 it was bypassed by the Sydney-Melbourne freeway. Berrima suffered commercially from the first but the second allowed the village to retain its Georgian character.

Flying jewels
Not only are butterflies beautiful flying jewels, but along with moths, bees, beetles, flies, bats, possums and birds they are important agents in pollen transfer and therefore an essential link for plant species survival. Gardening Writer John Stowar looks at why all these are important in our gardens.

The Mouse House of Moss Vale
Ask people what they think of when someone mentions the Southern Highlands and the answers range from bracing country walks, fine dining, misty vistas and quirky giftware shops. One thing certainly doesn’t spring to mind – ground-breaking medical research. That’s what is going on at the Mouse House.

Exeter’s secret restaurant
Chef and former magazine food editor Eon Waugh found his dream European-style restaurant hidden in the backblocks of Exeter. He tells Deborah McIntosh about Exeter Studio Restaurant and his past life, serving thousands at Sydney’s most over-the-top parties.

Alfresco dining at its best
Good Eating Writer Rosa Matto likes sharing a generous table of Mediterranean dishes and Australian wines with good friends. Even better, much of the preparation of the dishes can be done beforehand. Try her zucchini flowers in batter, salade nicoise or mint syrup cordial.

Bony lived here
Arthur Upfield, author of the Bony series of crime novels, lived in the heart of Bowral for the last 20 years of his life. Such was the popularity of these books that letters addressed to his fictional hero, Detective Inspector Napoleon Bonaparte, would arrive at his cottage in Jasmine Street. James Cockington talks to the current owner of Upfield’s former home.


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