August/September 2022


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Living with history
Seven generations of the Macarthur family have lived at Camden Park since 1835. The current owners explain what it’s like to live in one of Australia’s most famous historic homes.

The magic of My Fair Lady
A 60th anniversary production of My Fair Lady, directed by Julie Andrews, is about to open at the Opera House. We speak to two of its stars, Robyn Nevin and Reg Livermore.

Photographer Hamish Ta-Me is driving community arts projects forward and looking back with his retrospective exhibition French.

Koala country
Meet the family who have turned their vast Canyonleigh property into a koala sanctuary. 

The hillside garden
Lynwood Farm’s spectacular hillside setting can make for challenging gardening but the reward is beauty in every direction.

The earthy type
Ten years ago blacksmith Curly Charlwood turned his attention to compost and now his product’s healthy turnover has seen it become his main business.

Poles together
Traditional Polish smallgoods have been made in Mittagong for 30 years. Now the family behind the business has opened a Polish cafe.

Come to the table
Favourite share platter recipes by Bendooley Estate chef Jason Hughes

Wagging school
For 65 years the Southern Highlands Kennel and Obedience Club has been encouraging dogs of all shapes and sizes to improve their social skills and follow an impressive set of commands.

1969 MGC GT
Savaged by the press on release in 1967, the short-lived MGC has now become a desirable collector’s car. 

A Highlands wedding
Photographs of Wiggles stars Emma Watkins and Lachlan Gillespie and many other couples show why the Southern Highlands is a dream wedding destination.