April/May 2022

Including Escape Southern Highlands


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Snow in spring
It looked like it was mid-winter, but in reality the date was October 12, a spring day, and most parts of the Southern Highlands awoke to a blanket of snow. Chief Photographer Tony Sheffield was out early capturing these images. The snow didn’t last, unfortunately. It was all washed away by lunchtime.

A house for all reasons
As weekenders go, Fifth Chapter couldn’t be more picture book perfect. Winemaker Cindy Manassen, wife of food king Roy Manassen, tells Deborah McIntosh the story behind their dream house and garden.

Cottage hits the right notes
In our continuing series on Highlands homes-for-hire, Melissa Reid visits Mittagong’s Lyn Cottage, run by renowned Australian opera singer Bernadette Cullen.

Thank heavens for Betsey
Betsey Throsby survived a massacre, had 17 children and helped create one of the most beautiful churches in the Highlands. Melissa Reid finds out about the woman behind Christ Church Bong Bong and its award-winning restoration.

All in the family
The Bruggemans, a family of 10, have reinvented the Wingello General Store and invigorated the Highlands village. The store is – amazingly – a post office, general store, newsagency, restaurant, cafe, DVD shop, library, service station, internet cafe, “a business college for the kids” and a meeting place for the village.

The Wild Highlands: Minnamurra Falls
In the fourth of our series, Bruce Stannard visits Minnamurra Falls, a rare tract of temperate and subtropical rainforest nestling in the western foothills of the Jamberoo Valley. 

A year in a garden
Tony Sheffield has spent a year photographing four special Highlands gardens throughout the seasons, while Deborah McIntosh has asked their owners and landscape architects to detail their development. In the first of our series, we visit Leylandagreen on the outskirts of Bowral.

Fruits of the World
Where did the potato come from? Or the mango? What about pumpkin or parsnip? Or guava? Gardening Writer John Stowar takes readers on a fascinating trip around the world. Good questions for a trivia night, too.

Chefs in their gardens
Running an exclusive restaurant is challenging enough – why add growing your own produce to the mix? We talk to three chefs who see their vegie gardens as vital to their business.


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