Jimmy Barnes at home in Berrima


‘Rock legend Jimmy Barnes’ and ‘quiet country life’ aren’t phrases that naturally sit together, but there’s an unknown side to the man who has sung the soundtrack to many Australians’ lives. In an unprecedented interview, fellow Berrima resident Judith O’Connell visits Jane and Jimmy Barnes at home, learning that Jimmy loves Mozart and cooking and is not to be trusted paddling a canoe.

Barnsey to the world of rock – to Berrima he’s Jimmy Barnes, who lives with his wife Jane by the river at at the edge of the village. “We have always loved the Highlands,” says Jimmy, “and this is very much the centre of our family life where we come to relax and enjoy the simple things. At our home and studio in Sydney there is always someone coming or I have to be somewhere for something. Here we can do what we want – or nothing.”

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