If you are you looking for outstanding results from your advertising dollars you can’t ignore Highlife.

Our advertising rates are extremely cost efficient. Our targeted and exclusive readership means there is very little wastage.

HIGHLIFE delivers…

  • Buyers of prestige real estate, fine art, exclusive vehicles, quality kitchens, kitchenware, appliances, renovations, bathroom ware, soft furnishings and interiors, food, fashion, garden design, architectural design and construction.
  • Solid results on a regular basis to all its advertisers in these areas and many others.
  • Amazing longevity for your advertising, with most issues kept as a coffee table feature or as part of a cherished collection.
For inquiries or information about our advertising rates please contact Paul on 4861 6311 or advertising@highlifemag.com.au


Booking & Material Deadline

Publication date

Dec/Jan 2019 (23-2) October 26, 2018 On sale November 29, 2018
Feb/Mar 2019 (23-3) January 7, 2019 On sale February 7, 2019
Apr/May 2019 (23-4) March 1, 2019 On sale April 4, 2019
June/July 2019 (23-5) May 3, 2019 On sale June 6, 2019